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Record Archiver - Call Recording Software With Archive:
Technical characteristics:
* The program records phone calls adapter connected between the ear-piece of the phone and computer line-in/mic socket and saves it as a WAV format in various compression levels. (one minute at 50kHz aka 5000 samples per second, 8 bits per sample, 1 channel takes less than 300kB, 3 minutes around 1MB so 30 minutes thus consumes less than- 10MB in space)
* Can record and archive any voice that is connected to the computer line-in or microphone sockets.
* Plays your recording from a module within the software.
* you can purchase any connector from any place you want Connector for $20 (wasnot checked) or Connector for $7 (checked to be ok, little background noise).
I should mention to have no business connection with the following vendors.

* No instalation needed, just unzip the 2.2MB file and run the executable named RecordArchiver.exe
* All records are saved to a local sqLite 2 databases: the first DB saves user preferences and login information, the second DB saves all recording as binary stream plus recording other info, both databases are encripted.
* Blinking tray icon for indication while recording.
* Saves your login credentials in an encripted way and retrives a forgotten password automatically by email.
* Advanced search inside the database. search by record time, date or any other information you typed or added after you recorded.
* program runs only as single mode.
* Compatibility: Windows vista, 7, 8.1 - in 32/64 bits versions.
* You can download and use it for one week full functional trial version -to check it before purchase.
* Dial phone calls through your local modem while using customer phone details of the recording.
* Price is 25 US$ for each station (phone coordinator purchase separately).

I will be glad to answer any further questions in the contact page.

Download free trial: version: 8/12/2017

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